WTF is Go-to-Market?

Six-week short course for B2B startup marketers to get the skills, confidence, and tools to build a customer-focused go-to-market strategy.


FEB 7 - MAR 18



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Built for Product Marketers, by Product Marketers.

Go-to-market strategy is critical for sustainable business growth. But theory means nothing if it's not delivering value to you and your business.

WTF is GTM is for startup marketers aspiring to build foundations for career development and business growth.

  1. Build a go-to-market strategy - informed by 20+ years of direct product marketing experience.

  2. Grow faster equipped with a broad range of different go-to-market strategies, methodologies, and levers

  3. Learn from real experiences from product marketers who've scaled companies from early stage to IPO

How it works

Live lectures

Understand core concepts: weekly live lectures, course modules, and async office hours help you explore concepts and examples, and ask questions

Make weekly progress

Learn by doing: the six week course provides practical templates and weekly homework to define + document your GTM strategy

Learn from others

Grow your network: build a close-knit community of allies on the same journey with similar goals to advance your business and career growth

Six weeks to get your GTM sh*t together

We'll guide you from the ground zero through to fully formed strategy.

Also access 10+ templates to provide critical structure to evolve into a Product Marketer - long after the course ends.

  1. Understand the GTM Framework: Walk through the foundational components of a GTM strategy that stands the test of time

  1. Know Your Customer: Get inside the head of your customer to truly understand their needs and goals

  1. Define Your Value Proposition: Set yourself up to build something unique that shines in a crowded market

  1. Take Your Product To Market: Take all the chaos and ‘thinking’ work out of launching new products

  1. Communicate GTM Strategy: Know how to target with your positioning & messaging by audience

  1. Iterate to Success: Learn how to test and iterate for continued success, including live peer reviews workshops

Learn from 20+ years of GTM experience

Alicia Carney

10+ years scaling fast-paced startups resulting in one merger, one acquisition, and one IPO. Writer, Finding Customer Focus

🏆Shortlisted, Product Marketer of the Year 2021
🏗️ Built two early stage B2B marketing teams from scratch
🌟Top 5% performer for 3 years at Deliveroo

"People who work with Alicia know what a world class Product Marketer is, and how they truly add value."

James Doman-Pipe

10+ year product marketer specializing in the needs of early-stage tech startups. Writer, Building Momentum.

🏆Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year, 2021
🏗️ Built three early stage B2B marketing teams from scratch
📈Specialized expertise in high-growth startups

"If you're a high growth startup looking for a product marketing expert, I'd highly recommend working with James"

Elevating Startup Marketers in 2022


FEB 7 - MAR 18






Inclusivity Scholarship, sponsored by Crane VC

The Inclusivity Scholarship will support six qualifying individuals from underrepresented backgrounds with full access to the WTF is GTM course and on-hand support.

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Taught by startup experts who've done the work and want to help you through it, too

Small cohorts means you get personalized mentorship and access an intimate community

Unique focus on influencing Tech / Product with the 'Voice of the Customer'

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